Hey there!
My name is Nickie Drysdale and I'm the designer and craftswoman behind the Little Craft Closet. When I began making jewelry in 2009, I worked from a coat closet turned craft closet where I could be near my little guy and jump up easily to play along. Nowadays, one of my favorite places to work is a summer studio set up in my tool shed. My rustic little she-shed overlooks buzzing gardens and the sandy bottomed Clam River - which I make a point to stomp in as often as possible! This magical spot fills me with sooo many positive vibes that I put right into my designs! Using metal, wood and repurposed finds, most of my work shows the love I have for Michigan and the outdoorsy lifestyle I've grown to enjoy. With the warn charm of a refreshed vintage design, each piece adds the unique layer of style that's just so you.
My Crew
While the Little Craft Closet is primarily a one woman show, this woman couldn't do it on her own! My family and friends have offered endless support by carrying boxes, sharing posts on social media, working at markets, praying for every aspect of my business, and so much more!
Why the Entrepreneurial Life?
When I started my business it felt second nature. Although my adult life had been spent in offices, I grew up in a family woodcrafting business. Mom was the artist and dad the toolshop manager, but we worked as a family in the toolshop, at craft shows, and on the road where Mom and Dad would sell to country d├ęcor shops. Fast forward to me as a stay-at-home mom in a small town, wanting to make a difference in my family and bring some beauty to the world. What I lacked in confidence I made up for with support...and a lot of it! My parent's have always been strong for me when I couldn't be for myself, and this start-up was no different. They've been there for whatever I needed, every step of the way. Over the last 10 years I've tried a LOT of different avenues to build, sustain and flourish a handmade business in a tech world...and I think I've figured a few things out. I'm so excited to finally feel ready to help others do the same!