Metal Stamped Handmade TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR EARTH Baby Memorial Necklace

  • $30.00

The loss of multiple pregnancies consumed me for so long. I felt like I couldn't talk about my experiences because it made people uncomfortable. Wearing jewelry for my babies made me feel close to them and game me a way to bring them up in conversation when I wanted to relive a moment or dream about who they might've been.

This charm set has a 1 1/2" circle tag stamped TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR EARTH and a rectangular tag stamped with the baby's name or a special date. The tags are accompanied by a wing charm and a birthstone or colored bead of choice. An easy-cut ballchain is included - just cut between balls with scissors to custom fit.

Please let me know your baby angel's name or a special date you would like on the necklace. Not sure what to put? Send me a note and we'll discuss what has meant the most to my customers and I. We'll see how these ideas feel to you and if they speak to your heart.

Hey, don't forget - custom orders are my favorite! The best part of my business is getting to know you. Do you have an idea you'd like to see created? Send me a note! I truly value time spent in creative comradery with you.

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