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Remember back in February when I was constantly posting about Marie Forleo's B-School on social media? Until the heartache of losing the scholarship sent my heart into full blown ache like a bad teenage breakup, that is. My video really stunk but it was a great learning experience about putting yourself out there for your dreams AND having clarity in those dreams.
Months of classes later, I'm still pinpointing clarity with techniques that bring me back and forth, in and out of focus of what I originally thought I wanted. Do you know what hasn't changed though? How I long to feel when I've achieved my dreams. These deep feelings, our heart's longings, drive our actions and are even behind the material things we post on our vision boards. We love you, Pinterest! But when you have clarity on how you want to feel, you can shortcut your way to them! I long for balance, abundance, and connection. Do I have to wait until my jewelry is in 100 shops to feel balance? Yeah, I don't think that's gonna help! Creating and sticking to a monthly meal plan with shopping list will help though, and I can start that now. Do I have to wait until I write a wildly successful book and hear back from raving fans about how it changed their lives LOL before I can feel connection? Heck no! I can spend time with mom. I can be real with my BFF. And best of all, when I make simple everyday choices led by my desired feelings of balance and connection, my heart rejoices and I feel abundant now.
I recently saw a card that said, "you give me all the feels". I love that! And I intend to put it on a necklace. But for now, I wear my desired feelings as clarity for every decision. We can choose to create a life that gives us all the feels today, while working towards tomorrow's dream.
Are you letting the divinely placed longing in your heart guide today's decisions? I'd love to hear what words bring clarity of heart for you.
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