Having Faith in the Seasons

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School's back in session! Woohoo!!
I'm self-employed, which means I'm mostly in charge of my own schedule, and my teenage son spent most weekdays of summer in his room sleeping and playing video games with his friends. Fortnite, anyone? So I'm not sure why I find myself so thankful for school starting this year...but I am!
More than any other time of year, fall has always been my season for renewal - engrained from the start of the school year, I assume. It's more than a change in beauty routine to accommodate the drier weather or finding a pair of the latest style in jeans. It's time to refresh, regroup, and start new. 
I place no blame and claim no excuses, but by the end of summer I felt like I was starting each day already behind. Come to think of it, I feel like that by the end of most seasons. My enthusiasm for the newness subsides, I get in a rut, and things start to fall through the cracks. Because of this, changing seasons often signal a new season in life as well. This morning, outside with my puppy, I noticed I could see my breath for the first time this year. And just like that, as I was sweet-talking Bailey this cold foggy morning, God was sweet-talking my heart. Lately I've been feeling scattered, unbalanced, and a little lost...and that doesn't serve anyone. If I want to manifest a life so abundant that it overflows into the world, I need to get my vessel patched and filled. 
While my head is telling me to dive into a million NEW work projects right now, every ounce of my soul is yearning for me to take a beat. So this week (and maybe the next few!) I am bathing in grace from above AND within. I am getting my house in order, dusting off my planner, wrapping up current work projects, purging for simplicity, and reflecting.
I've allowed my mind to wander into memories with an old friend recently, but also jump into visions for the future through prayer and meditation. As a person who is typically focused on the present, these exercises have been both unsettling and beautiful. But any way that I look at it, past and present seasons are all building on one another for our futures. Some of my most life-changing seasons have felt like only a moment, especially in reflection, but some feel as if they're just never gonna end!
Joyful, heavy or quiet - they all have purpose, value, and experience. They all hold a place for us to change.
I have faith this fall will build on the seasons before it and dream for the seasons to come. While I seek growth in knowledge, balance, work, love, and dreams - I have faith in the season God has laid ahead for me.

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